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Carlmont Sports Discussion

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“You made it! Here at Carlmont High school, we hope to freely discuss sports and sports related subjects at the Sports Discussion Club (SDC). This website is to further that and also contribute to the global discussion. Congratulations! You have just been initiated by reading this, so come on down to D-12 every Monday during lunch!”


SDC Predictions Spring

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Andrew 9 1 .900
Joseph 9 1 .900
Austin 7 3 .700
Dani 7 3 .700
Diego 7 3 .700
Ethan 6 4 .600
Brandon 6 4 .600
Dylan 6 4 .600
Kevin 6 4 .600
Thierry 5 5 .500
Max 5 5 .500


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Elyse G. 8 2 .800
Mr. Nguyen 36 13 .735
Diego R. 42 17 .712
Kim R. 21 9 .700
Joseph D. 53 26 .671
Brandon W. 53 26 .671
Austin M. 52 27 .658
Ethan M. 51 28 .656
Dani G. 51 28 .656
Andrew F. 50 29 .623
Kevin 23 16 .59
Dylan C. 17 12 .586
Thierry D. 39 31 .557
Max 10 9 .526
Matt B. 10 9 .526

May 19: Planning for the Future

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1. Discuss the Warriors vs Thunder series. How will the series play out and how can the Warriors ensure a series victory?
2. Giants are first in the NL West by a large margin. What can this be credited to and how can they maintain their success?
3. What are some ideas for the club next year to “improve” the club?

The Best Pitchers

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Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankees


best pitchers



Bball ref pitch rate

May 13: Timmy Time and Warrior Ball

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1.   The Giants, Angels and White Sox are the three teams with the most interest in Tim Lincecum. The two-time Cy Young Award winner still wants to be a starter, while the Giants at this point view him as a reliever. The Angels and the White Sox have key holes in their rotation and would easily have a spot for Tim. Lincecum, however, has been noted for saying that he want to stay in the west coast. Where do you think he will land? Should the Giants go out for him? Do you think Tim will sacrifice his needs for a starting spot?

2.   NBA finals and Warriors round table discussion. Who will win? playoff bracket NBA

April 29: Capitalizing and Sustaining

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1. The NFL Draft Round 1 is in the books. What did you all think of the draft so far? Will Jared Goff lead the Los Angeles Rams to glory? Will DeForest Buckner be the next big thing for the 49ers at DE? What about Karl Joseph for the Raiders? And what the heck is going on with Laremy Tunsil?

2. The Giants have gone 5-1 since we went to the game. Can we sustain this streak or is it just a stroke of good form? Who are the biggest threats in baseball right now to win the World Series and take home some awards?