Joseph F. Diller

September 30, 2015

I am hoping that the Cubs or the Mets can Pull through with at least one of them winning it all. The Cardinals, however, look like they are going to be conquerors due to their tremendous pitching depth, ability to get on base, and manufacture runs. The alarm for me in my assessment is that the Cardinals have a team Earned Run Average (ERA) of 2.92, meanwhile the average runs scored per a game in the playoffs is 4.72. In theory, the Cardinals in the playoffs should win games by an average of almost 2 runs. The Cardinals offense this year, however, has waned by scoring an average of only 4.03 runs per game, yet their ability to allow few runs (2.92 RA9avg.) compensates for that. So, in my final assessment, the Cardinals should still win their games in the playoffs by an average of 1.11 runs per game. I am not going to further digress, but there are no other teams that really match up to this impeccable ratio of runs allowed to runs scored. So, as a result, my prediction stands with the Cardinals. However, I personally dislike the Cardinals because of their corrupt and distasteful management in front office, as seen in their hacking of the Houston Astros database. Due to my personal strife with the Cardinals and the recent elimination of my San Francisco Giants, I side with either underdog, the Cubs or Mets (Mostly Cubs – more realistic). The American League is a whole other story.